Pastor claims that her anointed vagina heals infertility

Posted 2021-07-01
My Pvssy Is Anointed By God To Heal Men Of Impotency Female Pastor

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A pastor has claimed he has cured a woman's 'vaginal warts' - healing her using just his shoe. Genevieve unconsciously shipped arch her hips.

God Gave Me Anointed Vagina, Sleep With Me And Get Healed, Pastor Veronica Says Thecoverage

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God Anointed My Vagina, Sleep With Me And Cure Your Infertility Female Pastor Tells Men

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My mission on earth is to cure men of their infertility problem through sleeping with them.

Whoever Sleeps With Me Gets Healed

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Pastor Veronica Claims To Have An Anointed Vagina That Cures Man Infidelity When They Sleep With Her

During one of her services, she claimed that god has granted her vajayjay healing powers.

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